Creative Habit: Final


Above is my final for my creative habit. Within it are 20 portraits displayed in an animated GIF. I decided to turn them into a GIF rather than display all 20 of them beside one another  due to the brief exposure each individual is given. This short span of time forces the viewer to really pay attention to each photo and the emotion and presence of each person. I feel this reinforces the purpose of my concept behind my habit of capturing my interaction and reception of these people. During the duration of this project I feel I’ve gone outside my comfort zone and dabbled in something I wouldn’t normally do. I feel this has helped me become a better photographer and artist. I enjoyed this project and I enjoyed the process of taking each photo and interaction with each person.

These are my final pick’s from my final week of shooting for the habit. As I stated in class I wanted to get more photos of men due to there being so many women within the project. I wasn’t able to get as many men as I’d wanted but I still feel that within the GIF it looks as if there are an even amount due to me spread them out.

For this week I tried to push the colors and shot’s a little further than last week. I came in closer and moved around more and had the model stand closer to the lights to increase the intensity of the color. I feel that this was more successful with some than others but I didn’t want to continue to repeat myself.


Robert Rauschenberg, “White Paintings” 


During the past week our class went to The Wexner Center for The Arts. We say the exhibit on Black Mountain College. A piece I really enjoyed was the “White Painting” by Rauschenberg. I enjoyed it because of its simplicity and minimalism in contrast with the rest of the exhibit. It’s meaning doesn’t lie within its craftsmanship but rather within the concept of the piece. All of the artists hand is removed from the work, similar to that of Warhol and Koons. Also, I really enjoyed the conversation that this piece spiked within my tour group. Many of the other pieces within the museum we gave very little conversation to or none at all. However for this one we went on for ten or more minutes.

I feel this piece and others similar to it help to push me conceptually about what art is and what it could be. With pieces like this it makes the viewer look harder and think, and some people don’t like to do that when they view a piece of art such as this. It far easier to shut it down and dismiss it. I feel this piece will help me to further the conceptual content of my work to come and also push me look and think more intensely whiling viewing others works.

Robert Rauschenberg, “Black Painting” 

Creative Habit: Post 4

Above are my final picks from last weeks photo shoots. I thought Lem’s criticism of lack of color was on point and I also felt the progression of the project wouldn’t be noticeable if I didn’t continue to add various challenges to the process. I purchased some tissue paper and tape it over the hot lights in the photo room and the end result is something that is beautiful. During my interactions with the models I try to base the colors I use as a reflection of their character or their “aura” or vibes I feel form that person.

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Above are the remaining photos from my shoot. In contrast with last week I do feel there are some in this selection that reflect the models personality and “aura” but I didn’t feel they were are visually pleasing then the final ones.

Deaftones, Mexico 2011

I’ve been listening to a little bit of the Deaftones and I really enjoy the way the melodies and lyrics work together along with the subject matter of some of the songs I listened to. I feel this method of well balanced music works well in creating imagery for the listener, or at least for myself. Their music really provokes images in my mind and I will resume listening to them and also try to watch their music videos.

Creative Habit: Post 3


Above are my final photos from the last week or so of shooting. Again, i tried to capture the person’s reaction to the camera and their also what they are willing to do in front of the camera. As most know, people act very differently when in front of a camera. For this round I told the models what to do for the first few photos as I just captured their reaction to the camera. Then I told the model to do whatever they were comfortable with. Some gave funny faces, and others got more shy when I gave them the freedom to do whatever they wanted, and stopped directing them, and one even decided to turn around when I gave her the freedom to do as she pleased.

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Above are all of the other photos I felt reflected an aspect of the models personality in some way. I feel these differ in some way from my final photos because these suggest a very strong emotion and in some photos I felt it was too strong and didn’t fit my aim of the project.

Game of Thrones, HBO 

Some media that I have been immersed in is the HBO show “Game of Thrones”. I feel that the character development within the show is astounding and is something I hope to become better at in the future. I also feel that the twist within the lot are very effect in gaining the audiences attention and keeping us locked in. This control over the viewers attention is another skills I hope to gain in the future.

Creative Habit: Post 2

Here are the two photo’s I’ve picked as my favorites from the lot of photos I’ve taken over break. I feel what separates them from the others that are shown below are; they reflect the emotion of the person in the photo more strongly than the others. The first photo is a self portrait of myself. I took a photo of myself due to everyone I will be using for the remaining photos was on Thanksgiving break. I feel my self portrait shows the serious yet playful aspect of my personality. The second is my friend, Bailey Smith. She hate her photo being taken and I feel her photo reflects an uncomfortable but also over-exaggerated pose, almost trying to hard.

This is something I will be adding into my creative habit. The photos will also reflect the models emotions of the moment of the photo being taken, not only who they are. I will still try and capture their “aura” as well, but I feel that most of the process, and the photo will be their comfortability and in front of the camera and with themselves.

 I was still unable to get into the photo room at the school due to Thanksgiving break so I didn’t have access to all of the lights and white back drop I want. I will have access this coming week and after that. I feel that I’m leaning more towards the “Terry Richardson” look of photography.

Terry Richardson, G Dragon, 2015 

Various other mediums that are currently having an influence on me and my work are some fashion designers including J.W Anderson, and Diane Von Furestenberg. I enjoy watching interviews with them and learning about their creative process and how they create, think and live. I’ve also recently gotten into “Game of Thrones”. I enjoy the screenwriting, shot variation and the many plot twists within the show. Also, I’ve been listening to “Cage The Elephant” a lot here lately. I enjoy the bands lyrics and storytelling within the music and the way the melody works perfectly with the lyrics. They are able to vividly paint pictures with their music in the listeners mind. I would like to be able to evoke this same reaction with the sound design in the future films and videos.

Cage The Elephant, RCA,


Creative Habit: Post 1


For my creative habit project I would like to try and become a better photographer and gain more experience in the art of portrait’s and perhaps other forms of very simple, yet beautiful photos. Above is the final of a few photos I took to try and give the viewer a look into what I had in mind, so this is just a “rough draft” to the actual project. The photos I plan to take will be of 25-30 plus individuals over the course of the duration of the semester (Fall 2016). I plan to take them in the photo-lab in one of the CCAD buildings. I will be more capable to play with lighting and composition within the photo lab rather than in front of the wall in my hall way. I will also play will the color of the light, and just trying to capture that person, and they emotion they give off in a photo. Below are some of the photos I took.

For my project I was inspired by artists like Terry Richardson and Annie Leibovitz. They both are able to capture the aura of a person, their emotion, and provide us with these beautiful and captivating images that can still be very simple and clean.

Some other art work that I have been enjoying and that has had an influence on me are these Scorsese films. He is able to evoke a sense of attachment from the audience to his characters due to their authenticity and uniqueness that is hard to find in a lot of crime/thriller films. With this sense of attachment i feel that it make the suspense within the film more genuine and realistic. This manipulation of the audience is something I would love to work on and contain to study within his films.

Pipeline Project: Final

Above is our groups final animation for the Design for Media: Pipeline project in the Fall of 2016 at CCAD. I assisted with the sound design and documentary aspects of the project as stated in earlier posts. As a non-animator within the team I feel the animation team did an excellent job with the fluidity of body moment, animation to sound,music and the original concept that was laid out. “Traverse”, although it is told through various styles and mediums the story is clear and the its loop wraps the narrative up nicely.

About our some screen shots of the edits and final of the documentary, which as i stated is what I mostly worked on with my group. We spent the last few weeks documenting the process of the animation and interview some of the member within the group, including myself because of my work on the sound.

Here is the final for the documentary. My group and I shot b-roll and interviewed some of the members within the group. I feel we captured very clean and professional images, good sound quality and asked good questions to inform the viewer of the process and concepts behind the project.

Pink Floyd, “The Wall”, 1979, Harvest Records 

Due to our recent political climate within the county I’ve been listening to “The Wall” for the past few days. I first listened to this record about 3-4 years about with all of my friends and it became our “cruising” music when we would just drive around in the middle of nowhere on the backroads in southern Ohio. I always hear and feel something new each time I listen to it and It pushes my ideas of the music, mental imagery, and concepts within its entirety. The record as well as the film have had a large impact on my taste in music, art, and my drive to further the conceptual meaning of my personal work.

Pipeline Project: Blog post 3


During this week our group’s animation team was making some progress with developing each of their animations. The sound team submitted another draft of the audio for the animation team and will be making more changes accordingly if the animators require such changes. The documentary team began conducing interviews with three member from the group including Riley, Jess, and myself. We are currently cutting those together to produce a rough draft by Thursday or Monday.


Here you’ll find my timeline from the editing process of the interview i chose to edit. Each of the members from the documentary team picked an interview to edit to bring a more clean and coherent version of it in for Thursday. Each of us have also been collecting b-roll of the whole team within various phases of the project from its inception.

Terry Richardson,, 2009

For my digital photography class I was required to do a report on a photographer and i decided to go with Terry Richardson. He is very innovation with his style of photography, framing, and process in developing a free atmosphere for creating his art. I feel this recent discovery of him if defiantly feeding into my daily creations and personal goals of pushing myself as an artist and creative individual.